Manufacturer of furniture fronts, decorative elements and grilles.


fronty lakierowane połysk - ladis

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Technical specification

model: Ladis

finish: varnish
plate thickness: 19 mm
colors: RAL / NCS / KEMICHAL
cover: gloss / matt / semi-matt

fronty lakierowane połysk - Novesto

Gloss varnished fronts is a synonym of contemporary elegance. Their simple form makes the shiny surface that perfectly reflects light and optically enlarges the room come to the fore. The shine of kitchen fronts is their main decorative value, and such fronts are perfect for modern, simple or glamor-style kitchens. Easy to clean, hassle-free, yet very effective and gives the impression of cleanliness and neatness. The use of glossy lacquered fronts significantly increases the prestige of the furniture – it is style and class in itself . Fronts with a glossy finish are often used in exclusive furniture.