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Bamboo furniture fronts

Wooden kitchen fronts made of bamboo are characterized by high strength and resistance to specific conditions prevailing in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Bamboo furniture fronts

Detailed quality control throughout the entire production process


Production of serial, repeatable batches of fronts in a short time


We have our own paint shops, which gives us independence


Qualified employees will carry out the assembly in the indicated place


Detailed quality control throughout the entire production process


You save money by ordering directly from the Polish manufacturer

Veneered fronts


The best alternative to wooden fronts

Veneered fronts have the appearance of solid, traditional furniture, but they are lighter and more durable. The main advantage of this type of fronts is their durability and natural character. It is also worth mentioning the ecological aspect of the use of modified veneers. Fronts look great in kitchen furniture, as well as in living rooms, halls or bathrooms.

We offer the possibility of ordering fronts for a specific dimension, which allows you to create individual implementations tailored to your own needs and customers.

Acrylic fronts


Durability and minimalism

Acrylic fronts are an excellent alternative to varnished fronts. They are characterized by high resistance to mechanical and chemical damage. Acrylic fronts do not discolour and do not change colour under the influence of light. To meet your expectations, we have introduced the possibility of ordering fronts with drills and cutters for chucks.

When ordering acrylic fronts from us, you pay per square meter of the finished front. They are properly secured and ready for transport.

Classic fronts


The beauty of the classic English form

Classic kitchen fronts are furniture fronts for a demanding customer. These fronts are characterized by precise milling and unique form. In our offer you will find a rich design with a lot of milling patterns.

Classic kitchen fronts, also known as English ones, fit into classic and modern interiors. They can be made in any color. All our fronts are made to the customer's size. Our distinguishing feature is high precision of workmanship.

Bamboo fronts


Beauty hidden in nature

Bamboo fronts are fully wooden furniture fronts. Bamboo is a natural and ecological raw material. This fast-growing and very durable plant, as a natural raw material, is biodegradable. The boards from which we make Our fronts consist of numerous, compressed bamboo slats.

The uniqueness of bamboo fronts comes from their heterogeneity and unusual structure that gives charm and modern design.

Carpentry services

Carpentry services

In our range of services as a manufacturer of furniture fronts, we offer comprehensive solutions that also include the cutting and veneering of furniture boards and any carpentry material. We are able to precisely cut any size of board, adapting to different types of furniture. Our machine park is systematically expanded, allowing us to meet even the most demanding customer expectations. In addition, as part of our offer, we offer a top-quality varnishing service. Our state-of-the-art paint shop staffed by experienced varnishers is an important asset of our company. We offer varnishing of wood-based elements, including furniture fronts, presenting a wide range of colours including RAL, NCS and KEMICHAL standards.Furthermore, we present the full range of our services below:

Our services

  • Cutting furniture boards
  • Furniture board painting
  • veneering with natural or modified veneers
  • veneering of blockboard, plywood with HPL or veneer
  • Furniture board painting

We are ready to meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring high quality and precision workmanship.


Cutting furniture boards

Precise cutting to size of furniture boards

Advanced software for optimizing material cutting cooperating with our machine park gives the best effect.

Thanks to the custom-made cutting service, we have the ability to produce furniture in any format for any type of room such as: kitchens, bathrooms, living room, dressing room, office or other public interiors.

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Lamination and veneering of joinery boards

durability and natural character of furniture

In our company's offer we have laminating and veneering services. We offer a full collection of natural veneers and veneers, domestic and exotic. Thanks to the professional quality of services, we laminate each element with HPL laminate, and in load-bearing elements or countertops we use back-pressure laminates.


Furniture board painting

Full palette of colors and type of finish.

The furniture board varnishing service allows you to varnish MDF furniture boards in any color. We offer the service of varnishing entrusted elements, as well as in the case of re-ordering the possibility of reading the color from existing elements. The painting service available in our offer is carried out according to the RAL, NCS, ICA template.



Precision, durability and reliability are what we guarantee as a manufacturer of furniture fronts in every detail. Our furniture is the result of modern technological solutions and the experience of our specialists. The manufacturer of furniture fronts constantly raises the bar, looking for innovations and using only certified raw materials from reputable suppliers. This guarantees that each piece of furniture not only looks great, but also meets expectations in terms of durability and workmanship.



In our catalogue you will find furniture fronts, reflecting long-standing market presence and customer satisfaction. As a manufacturer of furniture fronts with an established reliability and credibility, we build our brand on long-term cooperation with our customers. Our fronts not only meet expectations, but also bring a fresh perspective to interior design. The trust of our customers and our many years of experience are the foundations on which we build, acting with passion and commitment as a furniture front manufacturer to deliver innovative products that express our quality.


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