Manufacturer of furniture fronts, decorative elements and grilles.


etna - fronty lakierowane nowoczesne

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Technical specification

model: Etna

finish: varnish
plate thickness: 19 mm
colors: RAL / NCS / KEMICHAL
cover: gloss / matt / semi-matt

Varnished fronts allow you to use a wide range of colors and choose exactly the color that the customer wants in his furniture. Their simple form makes them perfect for any interior, regardless of its style and character. Depending on the selected color, they can be a discreet background for accessories and decorations, but also be the main decoration of the room. The Etna model is a front that can be finished with high-gloss, semi-matte or matte varnish – which gives a wide range of arrangement possibilities and a large field for individual clients, as well as interior designers or carpentry workshops. < / p>