Manufacturer of furniture fronts, decorative elements and grilles.


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Technical specification

model: Opal

finish: varnish
plate thickness: 19 mm
colors: RAL / NCS / KEMICHAL
cover: gloss / matt / semi-matt

Stylish fronts are fronts with an extraordinary appearance. They will be a perfect complement to furniture with an original character, making them unique and emphasizing the class. The excellent quality of workmanship makes the piece of furniture eye-catching, and the stylish fronts will emphasize its beauty. Finishing with varnish is due to the fact that the surface of the front is resistant to moisture, and the hard coating of varnish means that it is not afraid of ordinary, everyday use. Thanks to the use of varnish, these fronts are available in any color, which facilitates a precise fit and gives you the opportunity to choose your dream one. Stylish fronts are a brilliant choice for any interior .